Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sylvia's Wedding

Well, the wedding is finished and the honeymoon is over  John goes back to work at 5:30 tomorrow morning, and Sylvia takes up her role as a housewife and online tutor and freelance writer.
She also now has to clean up the mess at her house.  Some rude people managed to get hold of a key (as the property manager and owner of the house, I don't have any idea how it happened) and stuffed their pantry with 170 balloons.  (Yes, we counted them).  They also rearranged some of the furniture, and hid a few hundred mayo packets throughout the house.
Of course, it wouldn't be proper to leave out the Peterson family chicken, and these unnamed persons very cleverly rigged up the chicken so that when the bedroom door was opened, the chicken would begin it's song-and-dance routine.  Wish I would have had a video of that!

Anyway, here are a few pics of the wedding prep and other random shots.  I was busy during the wedding so I didn't take any then, but will get some posted later.

John with Sylvia's brothers and cousin playing Risk.

Sylvia still refusing to go to bed.

Cousins refusing to go to sleep.

Nancy digging deep for the 16th gallon of ice cream.  (Sorry I haven't figured out how to make these photos come out straight.)

Wedding orchestra.

C4, the ring-bearer.

Rosemary, the flower girl.

The stand-in groomsman after one got sick and couldn't make it.

Sylvia, cousin Camryn, others

Rehearsal vows.

They didn't have a cake at the wedding, so Mrs. Phillips had them cut the red jello at the rehearsal dinner.

Food prep for the non-reception.

Leif sampling the food.  He did this a lot.

Cousin Ethan doing the grapes.

Knut and Thor not sampling the brownies.

Cousin Sloan carrying some of the Oreos.

Unfortunately, John got dehydrated, and had to throw up after the wedding, but before photos and reception.  He recovered enough to get through it all, and even did their First Dance, which was some lively swing dancing set to Piano Guys music.

Uncle Travis with his much better-looking brother, the Father of the Bride.  (Me).

Cousin Camryn (right) with a good look-alike friend, Sarah.  (And a random photobomber).

Friday, July 24, 2015

Change of Command

Sylvia has been the regular blogger of the family, but as she's getting hitched in a couple weeks, somebody has to take over.  By unanimous decision, I've been voluntold.  Anyway, here's my first post as admin:  The birds in the back yard are very angry at my cats, for they just caught a bird and are slowly torturing it to death.

That is all.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Final Insanity

Since not a single one of my siblings is showing the slightest interest in taking over this sadly-neglected blog, this may very well be the last post, unless my parents decide to exercise their supreme authority and add "blogging" to the list of school assignments for their students this fall. Thus, here are some final small scraps of insanity--
Gloria: Is your brain bigger than Ivar's?
Rosemary: Yes. It's bigger than Sylvia's.
Sylvia: My insults are coming back to haunt me. I told her the other day that she needed to get a brain.
Mom: So she got one...and it's bigger than yours? 
Cecily: Maybe Papa has two brains and they fight all the time!
Mom: That's why he gets headaches.  
Cecily: What did I click on this time? "...Criminal eavesdropping..." 
Mom: you're just so pickable!
Papa: I'd like to be DIS-pickable. ...Wait.  
Thor: Are we in Centralia?
Gloria: No; we're in Odin!
Thor: Boy; that policeman back there sure is lost!
Sylvia: Guys, what should John and I have for our first dance song?
Cecily: The chicken dance!
Thor: The bunny song!
Knut: The Imperial March.  

Sylvia: ...Your brain is so cool!!
Knut: Most people don't use that word.... 

Now, I turn my title of "Blog Moderator of Doom" over to my father and resign myself to a life of wedding planning, moving, and logistics for the next 15 days. (No, I'm not counting; why do you ask? 0:)) *exaggerated sigh* Flowers, flowers; here I come--who started all these silly traditions, anyway? Also, how many can I break before people start getting mad at me?

It's going to be a switch moving from a family of 11 to a family of 2...as I begin stocking up the house with "essential" groceries for John, while my mother shops for our family, this difference is quite glaring. For example...

Cereal for the soon-to-be Phillips family for about a month: 

Cereal for the Peterson family for about...two weeks (max):

Yeah; I don't envy Mom her grocery bill...

Anyway...goodbye to the Peterson blog; it'll be interesting to see whether anyone picks it up again.
Adventure awaits!

(Yep; I'm going out on a majorly sleep-deprived brain. I'm so sorry. I'm not sleeping till after the wedding. My sincere apologies, and I hope you haven't been mentally scarred for life.) 
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