Friday, July 24, 2015

Change of Command

Sylvia has been the regular blogger of the family, but as she's getting hitched in a couple weeks, somebody has to take over.  By unanimous decision, I've been voluntold.  Anyway, here's my first post as admin:  The birds in the back yard are very angry at my cats, for they just caught a bird and are slowly torturing it to death.

That is all.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Final Insanity

Since not a single one of my siblings is showing the slightest interest in taking over this sadly-neglected blog, this may very well be the last post, unless my parents decide to exercise their supreme authority and add "blogging" to the list of school assignments for their students this fall. Thus, here are some final small scraps of insanity--
Gloria: Is your brain bigger than Ivar's?
Rosemary: Yes. It's bigger than Sylvia's.
Sylvia: My insults are coming back to haunt me. I told her the other day that she needed to get a brain.
Mom: So she got one...and it's bigger than yours? 
Cecily: Maybe Papa has two brains and they fight all the time!
Mom: That's why he gets headaches.  
Cecily: What did I click on this time? "...Criminal eavesdropping..." 
Mom: you're just so pickable!
Papa: I'd like to be DIS-pickable. ...Wait.  
Thor: Are we in Centralia?
Gloria: No; we're in Odin!
Thor: Boy; that policeman back there sure is lost!
Sylvia: Guys, what should John and I have for our first dance song?
Cecily: The chicken dance!
Thor: The bunny song!
Knut: The Imperial March.  
Knut: When I walk with a group of people, I usually walk behind and a little to the left. That way, if I need to kill everyone in the group, I can grab the last person, snap their neck, and then use their body as a shield while I take out the rest of the people. On the other hand, if I need to save everyone in the group, I'm behind their back, which is the most vulnerable place.
Sylvia: ...Your brain is so cool!!
Knut: Most people don't use that word.... 

Now, I turn my title of "Blog Moderator of Doom" over to my father and resign myself to a life of wedding planning, moving, and logistics for the next 15 days. (No, I'm not counting; why do you ask? 0:)) *exaggerated sigh* Flowers, flowers; here I come--who started all these silly traditions, anyway? Also, how many can I break before people start getting mad at me?

It's going to be a switch moving from a family of 11 to a family of I begin stocking up the house with "essential" groceries for John, while my mother shops for our family, this difference is quite glaring. For example...

Cereal for the soon-to-be Phillips family for about a month: 

Cereal for the Peterson family for about...two weeks (max):

Yeah; I don't envy Mom her grocery bill...

Anyway...goodbye to the Peterson blog; it'll be interesting to see whether anyone picks it up again.
Adventure awaits!

(Yep; I'm going out on a majorly sleep-deprived brain. I'm so sorry. I'm not sleeping till after the wedding. My sincere apologies, and I hope you haven't been mentally scarred for life.) 

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Wherein I bow to social expectation and make a public announcement.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words...

The poor guy who, though wonderful and wise in every other way, is sadly mistaken if he thinks he's chosen a deserving girl, is John Phillips.

Answers to anticipated questions: 

YES, he is the sweetest, kindest, and most amazing guy in the world. :)

The wedding shalt be in early August.

We do plan to stay in the area (for the next few years at least).

He's been courting me since November.

Yep; my dad HIGHLY approves! (Though he did threaten John with his chainsaws right before courtship began...)

He proposed "under the stars, way out in Iowa, as we were being driven around by a chauffeur." At least that's the "official" story...

(Yes; the rumors are true--he actually proposed in the back seat of his parents' truck on the way to a robotics competition! And yet he still managed to make it incredibly sweet and special. ;))
(The Robo Raiders had wayyy too much fun teasing us and taking "selfies" with us in the background...)

And NO, this is not an April Fool's day joke! I just have really bad timing when it comes to posting. :P
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