Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Insanity of Many Kinds

I really need to persuade one of my siblings to take over blogging...the only problem is that most of them are busy, too. Maybe I need a different strategy than persuasion...Ideas?

Anyway, even if I can't get them to contribute directly, I can still write down the crazy things they say and put them up! (evil grin)

Mom: I think it's someone's day to sweep, and I think her name is Cecily. 
Cecily: I changed my name to Emergency. 
Mom: Emergency? 
Cecily: You know those "emergency exit only" doors? Those are for me. 

Knut: Hey, how come I'm the last person to get ice cream, when I was the first one in line? 
Sylvia: Because you are amazing and kind. 
Papa: Hey, didn't I teach you to be assertive? 
Knut: Yeah. I didn't listen. I got Bjorn an ice cream cone instead. 
Sylvia: Knut, I'm sure there will be a great big ice cream cone waiting for you in heaven. 
Papa: Unless I die first. 
Knut: ....Note to self: Do NOT get rid of Papa! 
Papa: Yeah, they'll be experiencing a shortage after I get there... "heaven's out of ice cream; Josh arrived!" 

Knut: You guys ate all the food! How dare you? 
Sylvia: ...Innocent expression? 
Knut: Condescending look at your innocent expression! 
Sylvia: Glareth! ....Angelic expression as I point out the large number of cupcakes remaining! Stalking out of the room. 

Papa: This meeting has now come to order! Cease throwing people at the wall. 

(Sylvia comes upstairs and glares at Knut as she goes by.) 
Knut: What?? What did I do?? 
Sylvia: Nothing; you just looked like you needed a glare. 
(Knut bursts out laughing helplessly) 

Knut: Oh, no, he's not having any trouble! 
Sylvia: I think you've been propagated. (...I'm not sure what I meant to say, but that wasn't it!)

Cecily: (in a baby voice) I said something funny one time.... 
(Thor and Sylvia burst out laughing) 
Cecily: Was that funny? 
(a little later) 
Cecily: Now the problem is, I can't remember what that funny thing was! 

Thor: Quack. 
Cecily: Double quack. 
Thor: Triple quack. 
Cecily: Quadruple quack. 

Sylvia: Leif, rubber bands are not tasty! 
Knut: He's like, "How do you know? I'm the one eating it!"

Sylvia: I am very suspicious of you...especially with that face! 
Cecily: Well, I don't have any others! *puts a red shirt over her head* Are you suspicious of me now? 
Sylvia: Definitely. 
Cecily: *looks tragicalized and puts on sunglasses...over the shirt* 

Sylvia: See? You got your little "homeschool-mom-thing" in. 
Mom: Yes; this was a very educational field trip. We learned all about the rain shadow...
Cecily: And how it can affect your socks! 
Mom: Yes, and how global warming made it snow a lot last summer. 

Rosemary: I'm eating your nerves. 
Sylvia: No; you're eating YOUR NERDS. There's a difference between your nerds and my nerves. 
Rosemary: No, I'm eating your nerves. They're purple. 

Cecily: I feel bald. 

And on another note...WHO'S READY FOR NANOWRIMO??  11 days until November 1st...those of us crazy enough to attempt it this year are already beginning to show signs of diminishing sanity.

You know NaNoWriMo is approaching…

…When you begin stocking up on  ____ (sugary/healthy snack of your choice) and ____ (caffeinated beverage of your choice), and don't forget the cool mugs!

…When your desktop backgrounds are changed to inspirational (or just plain funny) writing quotes
(No, I'm not a Whovian. But his expression is perfect. :P)

…When you begin finding story inspirations in the most mundane details of life

…When your characters have already started to drive you crazy

…When the “warning: novelist at work” signs begin to appear on your walls/desk

…When you’re scrambling to work ahead on school and everything else you have going on, so you can free up your schedule for the month

…When you're trying to eliminate adverbs even from your college papers so you don't overuse them in your novel
(For the OYANers/OYANists out there...)

…When you’ve begun to creep people out even more than usual, but all you do is grin and continue talking to your characters

…When your friends heave a sigh of resignation as they notice you disappearing into your own little crazy world of writing, and prepare for you to emerge exhausted, emotionally drained, and triumphant at the end of November

…When your Internet search history is even more disturbing than usual

…When you’re already being pestered by people wanting to know what the novel will be about, and demanding to be allowed to read it “when it’s done”

…When you carefully organize your room so that you can instantly find your baby name books, old notebooks, dictionaries/thesauri, mechanical pencils and gel pens, and above all, your current outline and idea notebooks

…When you start scribbling in your notebook during walks

…When you’re beginning to act like your MC (i.e. creating and learning her code/shorthand, writing short stories supposedly written by her to help develop "her" writing voice, etc.) 

Any more to add, NaNoers? Who's excited for November 1st???

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Vacation, pt. 5 (Mountains Again)

Part 4.2 

We took another day trip to the mountains today...we couldn't stand to leave those chipmunks alone without one more visit. ;) 
They were quite hungry this time...
This one kept begging from Cecily and pawing at the bag of sunflower seeds when she wasn't fast enough for him. 

Gloria kept a stash of seeds in her pockets, but no matter how many she put in, they kept disappearing rapidly. 

Thor kept managing to get two to eat out of his hand at the same time.
*Note: the chipmunk on the right is named Bombur.

Cecily even managed to feed three at one time! 

After that, we went to the ranger station/lookout point.

And after that we went and took the waterfall hike again. However, Papa was rather tired, so he remained in the vehicle to "watch the little ones." (Code for "take a nap and eat all the cookies.")

After doing the "regular hike," we decided to go back to the van by another route that several of us vaguely remembered from a couple years ago. The only problem: the only one who really KNEW the way was Papa, who was back in the van eating all the cookies.
We set out, full of hope and confidence, thinking we could find the way by following the river. 

It was a lovely hike...

Then we came to this. We remembered climbing up a rock wall last time, and we could see a level-ish place beyond the trees which we thought might be the road. So...up we climbed. (What's shown in the picture is approximately one-third of the entire climb.)

We got to the level place which we had thought might be the road, and...it wasn't a road.

From here on, let us hear the words of Knut:

We did survive...and Papa actually left us one of the cookies! :D

Vacation, pt. 3

We'll keep this (very delayed) post short and sweet. 

On Saturday, we split up for our "adventures" since several people emphatically did NOT want to go shooting, and others emphatically did NOT want to go to the doll museum. 
The crowd that did want to go shooting

Bjorn at the doll museum

Part 4 
Part 4.2 
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