Sunday, January 20, 2013

VX3's Regional Competition

VX3 did extremely well in their Regional competition this weekend. They did not get an award, but they had a robot run of 265 - one of their best - and had great answers in Core Values and Research Project judging. 
Annnnd... they carried out one of their team's Core Values by having lots of fun! :)

Showing the glorpes to the Flaming Ninja Bunnies team

Playing Mafia with team Heat

Thor showing enthusiasm :)

Zoe and Cecily handing out gum to other teams 

Thor making balloon animals for the Curious Pandas 

Zoe giving gum to a team that was handing out cookies

Jared explaining VX3's research project to a girl on another team 

In the gym, just before the opening ceremonies

These cute little "Lego men" were walking around for most of the day. I'm not sure which team they were from, but their costumes were pretty cool! 

Thor and Zoe representing VX3 in the "Spirit Parade" 

The ref showing the score to Cecily after VX3's first robot run

Zoe and Jared getting ready for the run 

In Technical judging

Shaking hands with the judges after Research Presentation judging

In Core Values Judging

Zoe's glorpe "shaking hands" with the judges after Core Values judging 

The team and coaches, with participation medals

VX3 plus glorpes and hats

I uploaded most of the videos I took during the two days to YouTube. You can view them here:


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