Friday, December 06, 2013

Concerts- Maeystown, SCCCHE, Mascoutah...

This past week, we were asked to sing for about 30-45 minutes at a Christmas celebration in Maeystown (about an hour away from where we live). We didn't have a whole lot of time for rehearsals and learning new pieces, so we pulled out a bunch of pieces we'd done in the past, added some that we were doing in TLC Singers and Choir, and added some instrumental pieces that we were working up anyway... and voila! You have 30-45 minutes of music. ;)

Two of the pieces we did...

We were performing in the "ballroom" of what used to be the St. George Inn but is now an antique shop. It was a lot of fun! :)

There was a news photographer snapping photos of us throughout most of the concert - like the one above. We met up with him later, and he told us he had considered asking us for the names of all the kids to put in his newspaper along with the picture, but then decided against it because there were so many of us!

Last night was the SCCCHE Christmas Concert! We nearly had to cancel because of the weather, but despite a few people being unable to make it, everything went well.  The TLC Singers and Choir performed their full repertoires.  Peterson Family Singers performed two pieces - an instrumental arrangement of Once In Royal David's City with chimes, flute, piano, and violin, and our vocal One Minute Madrigal.

This Sunday, December 8, we'll be performing Once In Royal David's City again with our much-requested and very fun Christmas Tree Feud at the Mascoutah Community Christmas Concert. It's held at Zion Lutheran Church, 101 S. Railway St in Mascoutah. I believe the concert is at 3:00. In addition to our family, TLC Singers will be performing some pieces, as will Zion choir, several other church choirs from this area, and a variety of other musicians. It's always a lot of fun and great music, so please come! :)


  1. We won't be able to make it! :( Our town is also having a Christmas concert and I'm playing with another member of our church.... I wish you all good luck though!! :)

    1. Okay. :( We'll miss you... :/ Have fun though! :) What are you playing?

    2. "Mary Did You Know?"


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